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Welcome to The British Chihuahua Club

Celebrate the club's 70th Anniversary!
at our 2019 Championship Show on 17th November (entries now closed)

The British Chihuahua Club was founded on the 22nd May 1949.  This year sees our 70th (Platinum) Anniversary, and to celebrate there will be an extra special Anniversary Championship Show with lots of extra prizes and other goodies, to be held at Brackley Leisure Centre on 17th November. 

Our judges for Smooth Coat Chihuahuas are Francis Yeoh (dogs) and David Milton (bitches), while for Long Coats, Vera Gillott will judge the dogs and Janet Fraser the bitches.  Graham Foote will judge BIS.  There is serious prize money on offer - £75 for BIS, £35 BPIS, £25 BPIB!. Both BOBs will receive a fabulous painting of their winning dog and there are many, many other great prizes at this very special show.

This year also sees the 30th edition of our yearbook, the Chihuahua Chronicle, so this year's is a special edition to mark both events.  With a special platinum-look cover, more colour, and more beautiful adverts, the book continues to be just £8 a copy at our shows or £10.50 including p&p by mail order via our website (£14.00 posted to Europe or £16.00 to other destinations.) Click here to go to our shop page.

We are also now accepting advertisements from breeders and exhibitors for the 2020 edition, to be published next March.  It costs just £30 for a full-page ad in black-and-white, or £65 for full colour.  This includes the design and layout of the advert if you don't want to do that yourself.  Commercial advertisers are also welcome to contact the editor for details of prices for full-, half- or quarter-page ads.  Click here to download an ad booking form, or contact the Yearbook Editor, Bernard Coxhead (

2019 Open Show
Our Open Show was held on 5th May, shortly before the actual 70th Anniversary of the founding of the club on 22nd May 1949.  We are saving the big celebrations for our Championship Show in November, but we had a very successful and enjoyable show at the Brackley Leisure Centre in Northamptonshire.  Lynn Hill judged Smoothcoats for us and Emma Huntley the Longcoats, while our BIS judge was Mrs Edith Lynch.

Best in Show was Mrs Beverley Sutton's smoothcoat Now Or Never De L'isle Au Vert Coteau Nikitos, while Reserve went to another smooth and winner of Best Veteran in Show, Jacks' Ch Amarose Tink Attitude.  Sue Lee's longcoat puppy Barwater Agatha Christie of Ridgehawk was Best Puppy in Show.

Having moved the date of our club's financial year-end, we were also able to hold our Annual General Meeting at the show, allowing many additional members to attend.  There were no nominations for office.  Ms Hazel Senior and Mr James Farrugia have stepped down but the rest of the committee, and the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer all agreed to continue.  The committee is now considering candidates to be co-opted to fill the remaining vacancies.

2018 Championship Show
Our 2018 Championship Show was held at Brackley Leisure Centre in Northamptonshire on Sunday 18th November.  Our BIS judge was Mr Richard Kelsey and there was keen competition for top spot. 

Best in Show: Ch Dachida's Johnnie Hot Rocks (s/c) Mrs CA Davies
Reserve BIS: Mystic Legion Melina (l/c) Mr G Papadopoulos & Mr A Raptakis
Best Puppy: Oozora Queen Of Mystery (l/c) Mrs S Holland-Smith
Best Veteran: Ch Natimuk Astrid (l/c) Dr GG Curr

Don't be tricked out of your money
With the continuing popularity of Chihuahuas, people desperate to obtain a puppy are sending off large amounts of money to people they've never met for dogs they've never seen.  Sadly many of them never receive the puppy they were promised, or ever see their money again.  Read our page Buying A Chihuahua to see how the Club can put you in touch with Club members who may have puppies for sale.  Our members are obliged to abide by our code of ethics

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