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The British Chihuahua Club Open Show on 12th May 2024 - BIS Critique

It was a pleasure to be asked to judge BIS and thank you to my very able stewards.

I had some lovely dogs to consider and will watch their further show careers with great interest.

BIS & BPIS Barker's Mocha Vanilla Baralicia. Very mature in every way for one so young and moved around the ring with confidence both coming and going. Masculine head but not overdone, correct dome and large flaring ears, good bite, soft expression with melting dark eyes. Firm body for his age, good reach of neck and correct tailset and carriage. Good front and well angulated hind quarters.

RBIS Fothergill's and Hunt's Caballie Madame Barbie, and what a little madam she was! A real showgirl who demanded to be looked at all the time, typical head and expression, large well-set flaring ears and good bite. The most expressive dark eyes that seemed to follow me everywhere! Firm body and conformation, well put together and moved well and confidently round the ring.

RBPIS Stading's Toltechi's Dante Le Poete, very stylish tricolour puppy who showed so well and with great maturity for one so young. Masculine head and expression, large flaring ears and an excellent bite. Correct topline and tailset. Well-made body, so mature for one so young. Moved well coming and going.

BVIS Craggs' Reynoldco Sweet Dreams what a charmer she was, so feminine and dainty. Classic head not overdone and large well-set flaring ears. expressive dark eyes, Well-made firm body and straight front, well-muscled rear, she moved soundly and briskly around the ring like a teenager

RBVIS Stangoe's Stanghurst Antonio coming up to 10 years and a little pocket rocket who I could see really enjoyed his day out! Very typical little dog with lots of attributes who charged around the ring with style.

Judge Lynda Soper (Leander)

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