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British Chihuahua Club Open Show Sunday May 12 - Longcoat Critique

Longcoat Chihuahuas
Many thanks to the Committee and members who invited me to judge LC Chihuahuas at their open show. I was ably abetted by my stewards Linda and Emma and a special big thank you to Charlotte who was the chief awarder of the rosettes

Baby Puppy Dog
1) Holmes's Baralicia Huntsman at Teclo 4 month old baby. Baby puppies can't and shouldn't be judged in the same way as the older classes so I made sure I was very gentle and allowed them to do just as much as they wanted to do. This one was very good, allowed me to examine his teeth and let me go over him without seeming spooked. Moved smoothly up down the mat with his tail high and with a good topline.

Minor Puppy Dog
1) Culverhouse's Lykath Anduril 9 months old fawn. Good dentition, nice ear set, correct stop. Moved OK

Puppy Dog
1) Mocha Vanilla Baralicia Lovely 10 month old fawn. Good straight front, stood four square even when not being set up. Nice tail set. Good reach of neck. Good dentition and a beautiful domed head and gentle expression with clear dark eyes. Moved well and was quite at ease in the noisy hall. I may be wrong here and if so, I apologise but I think his owner said it was his first show and if so he was amazing.

Went on the BOB, BPIB and eventually to BIS

2) Burrow's Mystic Legion Summer Wine NAF TAF 11 month old deep red. Gorgeous colour. Very unlucky to meet 1. Good tail set, moved well RBD

Junior Dog
1) Lee's Ugo Boss De Lisle Vert Coteau of Ridgehawk (IMP FRA) Lovely rich red. Nice ear set. Moved well, keeping level top line both standing and on the move. Lovely expression

Novice Dog
1) Culverhouse's Lykath's Anduril

PG Dog
1) Stangoe's Stanghurst Top Gun Lively little lad. Enjoyed his time in the ring. Moved well, good turn of stifle, nice clean dark eyes, typical Chihuahua expression

2) Lee's T'as Lelook Coco de L'Isle Au Vert Coteau of Ridgehawk Red 2 year old that looked, to me, a lot older than his 2 years. Good topline and tail set. Nice dark eyes and good stop. Moved well with good reach and brisk action

Open Dog
1) Culverhouse's Lykaths the Pirate King Heavy coated 4 year old. Good spring of rib. Correct tail set. Moved with confidence RBD

Veteran Dog
1) Lee's Ridgehawk Fred's Legacy 8 year old red and white in very good condition. Moved strongly and soundly. Well sprung ribs. Good turn of stifle. Level top line and good tail placement both standing and on the move

2) Berrington's Ellochi Crazy Nights for Pappersley JW Unlucky to meet 1. It was very difficult to chose between them. Lovely head and expression. Well set flaring ears. Moved straight front and rear with tail carried correctly


As I said in the Baby Puppy Dog classes, I didn't press for any of the baby puppies to do anything they didn't want to. At this age it's important they enjoy themselves and nothing puts them off. If they didn't show me their teeth at first attempt, I left it but actually they were all surprisingly good

1) Jones's Flickan FlapJack. Just scraped into baby puppy class by the skin if her teeth, being 6 months old 3 days later. Lovely feminine girl big dark round eyes, just correct length and width of muzzle. Moved with an experience far beyond her age. Best Baby Puppy

2) Barker's Baralicia Jenny Wren. Very pretty little fawn. Still growing her coat. Was quite happy to be handled and to show her teethand trotted up and down the mat very prettily

3) Holmes's Teclo Kalso

R) Berrington's Pappersley Leonora

VHC) Barker's Baralicia Penny Platinum

Minor Puppy Bitch
1) Lewis's Tyssul Eurwen Fach. Confident little girl. Moved OK Nicely set ears

Puppy bitch
1) Holland-Smith's Kirdanchi Le Ballet Giselle. Heavy coated fawn/red girl. Lovely head, correctly set ears, saucy expression. Good tail set, moved straight coming and going

2) Barber's Flickan Fleurette At Ramrowan. Very feminine parti colour. Lovely tail set and good level top line both standing and moving

Junior bitch
1) Fothergill & Hunt's Caballie Madam Barbie. Beautiful 13 month old shaded cream. Lovely unusual colouring. Nice tail set and carried well. Large dark eyes which look even larger because she is so pale. Moved well. Good stop and decent reach of neck. Best LC Bitch and went on to get RBIS

2) Berrington's Pappersley Cenotaph. What a beautiful baby, except the baby is 18 months old. She is lovely but so very tiny. All the right attributes rolled up in a very small package. Lovely set ears and nice domed head. Stood square and moved well

3) Holland-Smith's Torre del Pilar Beso Beso For Kirdanchi (IMP ESP)

R) Jones's Flickan Finely Frosted

Novice Bitch
1) Lee's Ridgehawk Shenna Girl. Red & White shaded girl. Very feminine. Nice dark eyes and correct ear set. Good dentition. Moved very well. Dropped her tail a bit when standing but absolutely fine on the move.

2) Birchall's Umbredu Diamant D'or At Elfinbree (IMP FRA) Again I may be wrong but I think her owner said it was her first show, in which case she did very well. Lovely straight topline both standing and on the move and another who dropped her tail a bit when standing. However at the time, there was some banging going on from builders in the building and all the dogs were getting a bit jumpy. Good stop, nice length of muzzle large clear dark eyes and correctly set ears. Unlucky to meet 1

PG Bitch
1) Fothergill & Hunt's Caballie Madam Barbie

2) Jones's Flickan Fragrant Flower. Glorious red. Nice outline with straight topline both standing and on the move. Correctly domed skull, good stop, correct dentition and good dark clean eyes

3) Barker's Baralicia Misty Lady

Limit Bitch
1) Parker's Zuvans Cover Girl. Lovely head with large dark eyes. Sweet expression. Well sprung ribs and good straight top line. Good turn of stifle and moved very well.

Open Bitch
1) Fothergill's I'm a Dream Adeline is my Name (IMP ITA) Lovely cream with large dark eyes and correct length muzzle. Well set ears that she used to her advantage. Good dentition. Good tail set and moved soundly coming and going.

2) Barker's Baralicia Lady Platinum. Beautiful movement. Good tail set, well placed ears and nicely shaped domed head. Clean dark eyes, good stop and medium length muzzle

3) Holland Smith's Oozora Queen of Mystery JW

Veteran Bitch
1) Cragg's Reynoldco Sweet Dreams JW. Lovely feminine 8 year old shaded red. Large dark eyes and a melting expression. Moves well and confidently, showing little sign of age. Well laid shoulders and good spring of rib. RBB, BVB, BVIB, BVIS

2) Barker's Baralicia Red Ruby. Lovely deep red (as the name suggests) girl who is coming up 10 next month. Moved confidently. Correct reach of neck, well set ears and definite good stop

3) Culverhouse's Lykath's Tiffin

Best Dog Mocha Vanilla Baralicia

Reserve Best Dog Lykaths the Pirate King

Best Puppy Dog Mocha Vanilla Baralicia

Reserve Best Puppy Dog Mystic Legion Summer Wine NAF TAF

Best Veteran Dog Ridgehawk Fred's Legacy

Best Bitch Caballie Madam Barbie

Reserve Best Bitch Reynoldco Sweet Dreams JW.

Best Puppy Bitch Kirdancchi Le Ballet Giselle

Reserve Best Puppy Bitch Tyssul Eurwen Fach

Best Veteran Bitch Reynoldco Sweet Dreams JW.

Judge Denise Hurst (Dejacqueray)

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