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A President Remembers...
by Mrs Evelyn Radford

Mrs Evelyn Radford 1987

Showing Chihuahuas in the early days of the Breed was very hard. Smoothcoat Chihuahuas generally were very shy and did not show to advantage. Conditions were very difficult - few exhibitors had cars, therefore we struggled on trains and buses, which was not ideal for Chihuahuas. Then there were no Breed classes for this breed, and this meant entering A.V. Toy. Conditions at some of the venues were very inadequate, and no benches were provided. One advantage we did have was that every dog was seen by a Vet before entering a show, and this I think was a good thing, and a safeguard for everyone.

Sometimes there was a long walk from the Station to the Showground, if we were lucky a bus or coach would be arranged. A great assortment of dogs were on that bus - large ones, small ones, obstreperous ones and snarling ones. The smaller breeds did not enjoy that one little bit.

Showing the dogs .... of course usually the A.V. Toy classes were late in the day, and by that time both dogs and owners were tired. Even after showing, very strict rules were applied and it was usually impossible to leave before 6 or 7 at night.

Then came the homeward trek - crowds on the arranged buses (if any); then, if using public transport buses, one had to climb on to the top deck!

Such were the trials and tribulations of showing Chihuahuas in the early days of the breed - but what fun we had and what friends we acquired!

Reproduced from the British Chihuahua Club Handbook 1987

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