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British Chihuahua Club Merchandise

The 2024 Yearbook (Chihuahua Chronicle) goes on sale at Crufts on 7th March.  There will be no British Chihuahua Club stand, but some of our committee will have yearbooks available to buy at £10 each.  The book has a gallery of all new Champions made up in 2023, tables of CC & RCC winners, lists of top winning dogs, results of Chihuahua classes at Championship shows and the principal winners from breed club Open shows, and other useful information.  The book also contains 47 pages of colourful breeder and exhbitor advertisements featuring their beautiful dogs.

You can also order your copy here!  The price including postage and packaging is £12.50 if posted to a UK address,£16.00 to an EU address, £20.00 to anywhere else in the world apart from the Pacific region, or £21 posted to a Pacific country (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands).  These prices are for a single book.  If you want to order several copies, just email salesz@britishchihuahua. zclub to ask for a price combining postage.

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2024 Yearbook

2024 YEARBOOK (results for 2023)

2023 Year­book (results for 2022)
Copies are still avail­able.



Collectors' Special Edition!  The 2021 Yearbook was a very special issue.  In 2020 due to the pandemic restrictions there were very few shows, and thus it contains very much shorter lists of results, CC winners and their pedigrees, or tables of information. Since we had space to spare we decided to use it to make this a 'compendium volume' that contains interesting and useful historic information and photos of the top dogs taken from each of the first 20 volumes of the Chihuahua Chronicle, from 1990 to 2009.  It's an invaluable reference volume containing some of the important history of the breed in the UK.!

2021 YEARBOOK (results for 2020)

Queries & Back Numbers (previous editions)

For queries about orders, please email us at salesz@britishchihuahua. zclub, making sure to include your name and address.  Also use this email address if you want to place an order for several books to be shipped together.  Back numbers for all years from 2011 to 2021 and a few earlier editions are also available at reduced price.

We regret this email address is only for yearbook sales and cannot be used to contact the Club about any other matters.

We know you are concerned about what happens to your personal information.  We respect your privacy and will treat all information as private and confidential.  We will only use information supplied by you in connection with your order.  We do not and will not pass on information provided by you to any third parties, unless required by law. For full details see our GDPR Privacy Policy

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