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Pepe Le Blanc

It's two days now since you left me. I look down the kitchen and your basket is empty. (I had put it away but the place looked so empty I put it back.) What a cantankerous old devil you were and how much I loved you.

Do you remember the day last September, when I collected you from the car park at Wisley? You were handed over, a thin shaved-off old man, but no one said you suffered with your heart and stomach, and you snapped at me when I picked you up.

'Aunty Kent', who became your personal vet, examined you. She didn't have to tell me things weren't too good - it was written on her face, "He has the worst heart murmur I have ever heard", she said. When she wanted to look at your teeth, you snapped at her and, because you were so frail, she got a tea towel and put it round your neck and we looked at your teeth while you gnashed them and snarled at us. Your eyes are getting cloudy and your hearing is not good. So there you were, a semi-blind, semi-deaf, stomach-rumbling, heart-murmuring old devil and I loved you.

You had to have your medicine twice a day, so as opening your mouth was a bit of a 'no-no'. I made it up with water and honey and gave it to you by syringe. Once you had got used to it, you licked it off the end yourself. It was a bit more difficult when you weren't feeling too good, so then it was back to the tea towel!

Your health was a bit of a switchback ride and when your stomach was bad I was very glad that I only have lino on the floor. When you were feeling good, you gave me a great deal of verbal, just in case I forgot you were there and in the evening you would let me pick you up and you would give me a quick kiss.

On Tuesday you ate your tea, but at about 6 o'clock I noticed your breathing was not so good, but you seemed quite happy. When later I came home, you didn't seem any worse, so I picked you up and gave you a cuddle. We were sitting on the stool in the kitchen and I fell asleep sitting. I woke up at 1 o'clock, turfed Micky the Lurcher off his bed chair, put your basket beside me and went to sleep. At 5.30 you woke by coughing - something you had never done before. I quickly let out the gang and made a cup of tea, picked you up and cuddled you and at 6.20 your brave spirit left me and your fight for life was done.


I miss you!


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