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Secretary's Report for year 2010

The year has certainly gone quickly with 91 Chihuahuas coming in for rehoming in 2010.  Several puppies have come in, it used to be the oldies, but now puppies and in pairs.

My thanks go out to Linda and Phil Cater who will help me at a moment's notice.  Linda is our new Trustee following the sad loss of Cenivene Shallcross.  Phil kindly picked up a lot of goodies which Cenivene's daughter offered to Rescue.  I have sorted them, and they will be on our Bring & Buy stall.  There are some lovely things so please come and buy, and the mice should be back.

In finishing, I must also thank my loyal band of helpers - Sue Lee of the Longcoat Chihuahua Club, Denise Parker in the North East, Irene Jennings in South Wales, Maureen Lewis in London, Graham Foote and my right-hand man Rupert, and Bernard Coxhead who is our Webmaster for keeping our website up to date.

Pam Bungard
Hon Secretary

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