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If you're thinking of adopting a Rescue dog:
This isn't the place to pick up a desirable Chihuahua on the cheap!  Many of the dogs that we rescue are getting on in years, or may have health or behavioural problems, so if you are after an adorable baby puppy or a potential star of the dog shows then perhaps you should be looking elsewhere.  These are just dogs who find themselves without an owner, who need a safe home with someone to love them, and can be very rewarding to take on, because a Chihuahua has a lot of love to give their owner in return.

We don't normally have dogs waiting to be adopted - instead we keep a list of people interested in adopting, and when a dog comes into rescue we try to match it up with the most appropriate home.  If you would like to offer a new home to a dog that needs one, you should fill in and return a 'Rescue Adoption Registration Form'. You can download one from the link below, or contact us to request a form is sent to you.

Click here to download a copy of the Adoption Registration Form.

You can also contact us if you need us to find a new home for a Chihuahua.

We have volunteers in various parts of the country so please contact the most appropriate person for your area.  Please remember these are unpaid volunteers who give a great deal of their time, but have to fit in their work for the rescue around a normal family life.  If possible, it's better to send them an email rather than phoning, and please never telephone at an unsociable hour - between 9am and 9pm is reasonable, outside of that is not being fair to the volunteer.  If your call is not answered please just leave a brief message, and they will try to respond when they can.

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