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The British Chihuahua Club Yearbook

At the start of each year, the Club publishes a Yearbook covering the activities of the previous twelve months.  The book was known as the Chihuahua Chronicle until its redesign for the 2011 issue, and is now in its 33rd year of publication. There have been several editors over the years, including the late Diana Fitt-Savage, Mrs Beverley Sutton and Ms Ruth Hart.  The Yearbook is currently edited by Bernard Coxhead, who gratefully acknowledges the invaluable help of Mrs Beverley Sutton with show results and pedigree information.

The Yearbook contains the following sections:

  • A list of new Champions made up during the year (subject to Kennel Club confirmation);
  • A table of all the CCs (Challenge Certificates) and Reserve CCs awarded in each coat at each Championship Show that year, listing the judge, the CC-winning dog and bitch with their running tally of CCs to date, and the Reserve CC winners;
  • Tables of dogs and bitches for each coat winning the most CC, RCC and BOB awards, and those winning the most Best Puppy awards at shows with CCs on offer;
  • a list of 'Top Dog' awards made by the British Chihuahua Club and the dog showing press;
  • Three-generation Pedigrees for each CC winner of the year, listing the judges awarding those CCs and any CCs awarded in previous years;
  • Detailed results for each Championship show during the year in date order (with index) with judges, number of entries and the winners of each class (2nd and 3rd places are also given for the Open class), noting the winners of CC, RCC, BOB, BP, BV etc and any Group or BiS placings;
  • Main results from Breed Club Open and Limit Shows with names of judges, number of entries, and winners of BIS, RBIS, BPIS and BVIS.
We also include some general information about the British Chihuahua Club and the Rescue Association, and obituary announcements for any well-known Chihuahua personalities or dogs that have passed on in that year.

Also included is the Affix List with contact details for those breeders and exhibitors who wish to be listed, and breeders' and exhibitors' full-page advertisements, featuring stunning photographs of prizewinning dogs.

Yearbooks and back numbers can be purchased from the Club stall at our shows and at Crufts, also from our Club Merchandise page.

Advertisers need not be BCC members. For Chihuahua breeders and exhibitors who wish to advertise in the Yearbook, advertisement order forms are available between 1st September - 31st December each year at shows, on request from the Hon Secretary or Hon Treasurer, or from our website. Some trade advertisements are also accepted. After compilation, editing and printing during January and February, the Yearbook goes on sale each year at Crufts in March.

All Artwork and Content is Copyright © 2003-2021 by The British Chihuahua Club and may not be linked to or used elsewhere without written permission.