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Chihuahua Medical Care

A Spoonful of Honey

Bees are miraculous creatures. We had a working glass hive to study in the lab. at college. Their community is truly astounding, so it should come as no surprise that down through the ages honey has been hailed as a kind of elixir.

Honey is one of the things every dog person should have in their cupboard .It is the one 'medicine' that tastes terrific. Not only does it help the medicine go down, it is a medicine itself. Honey is useful as an antioxidant, helping preventing the hardening of arteries, a healing agent for wounds, ulcers (including gastric) and burns. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Especially for this use is recommended Manuka honey made from the Manuka bush grown in New Zealand. This honey contains an additional natural antibiotic which is very effective against skin bacteria.

Honey was always recommended by the breeders of yesteryear as a useful aid when rearing puppies. When hand feeding a little honey in the mix always helps. If puppies tummies are upset a little honey dissolved in warm water will help keep the pups fluid levels up whilst giving a little nourishment until normal feeding can be resumed.

A bowl of natural live yoghurt with a dollop of honey works wonders for an anxious owner and a little of same on pooches' food will do the same for it too.

Live yoghurt is excellent for lactating bitches and dogs who have had antibiotics. These can kill off the good fauna in the gut as well as the harmful bacteria. Live culture replaces the good fauna, aids digestion and helps in recuperation of the sick animal. One has to check yoghurts carefully to make sure the culture is live, labelling can be confusing.


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