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Chihuahua Medical Care

Problem Ears

by Diane Lunney

Ears that become dry and crisp round the edges, and in neglected cases, scalloped and uneven, are hard to get right again. Some dogs never suffer with this problem, but the ones that do, take a long time to get back to normal. I find the dogs with thin ear flaps are more prone to this trouble than the ones with thick ear flaps.

A bad time is during moulting, the ears may become greasy, old hair becomes clogged and does not fall out normally, the pores of the skin become blocked and after a time it becomes dry and cracked. Sometimes the dog can lose the hair on the ear flaps and they become shiny and bald. I have heard of many cures for this problem over the years (Coconut Oil - Sherleys Skin Cure - Vaseline - Almond Oil - Grass's Skin Cure - Baby Oil - Iodine oil), but I have found Miltons Milgard Baby Cleansing Milk, rubbed well into the edges of the ears, then gently wiped off with cotton wool removes the dirt and grease and if used three times a week, the ears soon become soft and clean, allowing the hair to grow back. I find this the best way to keep the ears in good condition. Use at the first sign of trouble.

Another remedy recommended by a well known breeder is the use of Exmarid Non-Greasy Antiseptic Cream, rub this well into the ears, leave for a day, then wash off and repeat until the condition improves.

Reproduced from the British Chihuahua Club Handbook 1987

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