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Chihuahua Medical Care

A Skeletal View of the Chihuahua


1. SCAPULA (Shoulder blade) A. Withers
2. HUMERUS   B. Point of Shoulder
3. RADIUS   C. Upper Arm
4. ULNA   D. Elbow
5. CARPALS   E. Forearm
6. METACARPALS   F. Pastern Joint
7. PHALANGES (3 per toe, not shown)   G. Pastern
8. ILIUM (Pelvis)   H. Foot (4 toes)
9. FEMUR   J. 'Back' - Thoracic vertebrae
10. PATELLA   K. Loin
11. TIBIA   L. Croup
12. FIBULA   J.K.L. 'Back' or Topline
13. TARSALS   M. Point of Buttock
14. METATARSALS   N. (Upper) Thigh
15. STERNUM (Breastbone)   P. Stifle Joint
      R. Lower (Second) Thigh
      S. Hock
      T. Hind Pastern

Reproduced from the British Chihuahua Club Handbook 1987

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