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Chihuahua Medical Care

Vitamin E
by Mrs HE Enders

Some time ago a bitch of mine was 'clever' enough to cut her Achilles tendon very late at night. Eventually I managed to stem the blood and got her to the vet. He said it was a job for the Veterinary College at Potters Bar, so I took her there. They said they would have to stitch the tendon, but to go back to the vet to clear the infection first. The vet put her on Vitamin E tablets and I took her in each day for dressings. After a week he said he could not believe his eyes, as there was life in the tendon and it was moveable. He made me another appointment at the College.

When they examined her they asked me what I had brought her for. They pronounced her whole and healed. She favoured that leg for a while, and when Jean Hopwood (who was noted for wanting soundness) was judging at Leicester I entered. I put my bitch on the table and said I did not want place, just to be told her opinion on the movement. After my solo the lady told me that my bitch had best movement and soundness on the day! That bitch was 13 on April 1st and is as sound as a bell after carrying a couple of good litters.

The late Len Baker wrote an article on vitamin E in the first Chihuahua Chatter. It is used to strengthen the uterus and help bitches whelp easily, and also strengthens the male sperm. Some bitches that have had caesarian section - after 100 i.u. vitamin E per day during pregnancy - have whelped naturally.

Reproduced from the British Chihuahua Club Handbook 1987

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