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Polly's Lament
(A "pome" by Polly and Tarquin)

I've just had a bath and the others have not,
This leads me to think there must be a plot.
Experience leads me to think that I know,
Tomorrow I' m probably off to a show.
There' s a plot to persecute Pollys,
It really doesn't seem fair;
For no matter how well I behave in the ring,
There is always a better dog there.
I know there are plots against Pollys;
I go in all burnished and bright,
All shampooed and brushed and polished,
But another dog wins on the night.
I'm sure there are plots against Pollys,
My ears are at ten to two;
I remember to keep my tail up,
And even that will not do.
There are specific plots against Pollys,
And this is easy to see,
For if a dog wins called Polly,
It never seems to be me.
I can prove there's a plot against Pollys,
And I'll tell you how I know:
My sister who looks very like me
Has just won Best Puppy in Show.
Well, there may be plots against Pollys,
But it's something I quickly forget
When Mummy says she adores me
And that I am the perfect pet.

Mark you, if she gets me up at 5:30 in the morning again having bathed me the day before and then says she feels too ill to go, I'm packing my bag and coming home to Daddy and Mummy... AND... I'm bringing Tarquin with me. He helped me write this "pome" and I love him so very much... Luv Polly.

(Helped by: Suzannah McLelland (Zanchi)

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