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Going Home

I may look sad,
I may act mad,
But mostly I'll be really glad...
........if you choose me.

I'll show you tricks,
I'll bring you sticks,
But mostly there'll be lots of licks...
........if you choose me.

For a photo I will gladly pose,
And at your feet I'll gently doze,
But mostly I'll nuzzle you with my nose...
........if you choose me

I'll always be ready for a chat
On anything from this and that,
But mostly I'll stretch out on the mat...
........if you choose me.

So now the end of all those talks
And thoughts must turn to lovely walks,
But mostly there'll be popping corks...
........when you choose me.

Up to the bars my nose I'll shove,
I'll shower you with endless love,
And I will thank the stars above...
........that you chose me.

At first you may still hear a whine,
But very soon my coat will shine
And mostly it'll be just fine...
........'cos you chose me.

There may be a puddle on the floor,
But please do not show me the door,
For I will love you evermore...
........'cos you chose me.

And when it's time that we must part,
On your cheeks those tears will smart,
But I will stay in your heart...
........'cos you chose me.

But now it's time the truth to tell,
For this part you should know full well
That when you thought for me you fell...

........'twas I chose you!

Dr. S. Ablett, Leicester

This poem, from Dr Ablett who had a dog called Fozzie, sums up the kind of sentiments that must be going through the mind of a Battersea dog waiting for a new home.

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